You are good

You Are Good

Show that you won’t allow bullying to be a taboo. Let’s interact positively! YOU ARE GOOD!


A portion of the proceeds goes to charity related to the theme of bullying. We have very consciously chosen to do this. With the wristband, we hope to make bullying a topic for discussion, so that it can be prevented. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of children and adults who are being bullied. Therefore, we feel that it is extremely important to support charities that may help children and / or adults deal with the consequences of bullying or charities that deal with the consequences of bullying or that pursue more awareness around bullying and contribute to better interaction between people.

We prefer to donate to charity in the country of purchase. For example in Belgium we support School Zonder Pesten and in The Netherlands we support De Kindertelefoon and Sensoor.

Do you have a charity that may be eligible for this donation? Let us know!