You are good

You Are Good

Show that you won’t allow bullying to be a taboo. Let’s interact positively! YOU ARE GOOD!

About us

We are Lindy & Marije, the initiators of the YOU ARE GOOD wristband.

In November 2012 a Dutch boy, Tim Ribberink committed suicide because he was bullied a lot. That was a real shock to us. We realized that, if bullying comes with such severe consequences, it really needs to be stopped.

We both have a history when it comes to bullying. Lindy has been bullied at primary school and Marije's brother has been bullied a lot too. The impact of bullying is a lot bigger than we think!

Many children and adults who are being bullied, will not be prone to talk about it. Most of the time they feel ashamed as if there is a taboo on being bullied. We want that to change! We want to make bullying a subject that is normal to talk about and give people the feeling that it really is ok to talk about bullying. We believe that we can achieve that goal by first expressing that wish. And wearing the bracelet is underlining this statement.

We believe that, once people start thinking more positively about themselves, they will think more positively about others too. That’s why we have chosen the words YOU ARE GOOD on the wristband. You, yes YOU dear reader, ARE GOOD! Let’s embrace the differences between people. Together we can make a change in this world!

We have a dream. That dream is about people accepting each other and contributing to this world in a positive way. Bullying is no part of that. We started our dream in The Netherlands with the You Are Good bracelets and would now like to continue in other countries, like yours!

So jump in on this positive ride, like us on Facebook and wear the wristband!

Lindy & Marije